We help leadership teams to establish an uncommon discipline of working effectively together, of leading change and of adapting to new challenges.

We are experts in team dynamics and group cohesion and can build new high performing teams and repair existing senior leadership teams.  Our aim is to ensure that a team is positioned to up their game as a collective by utilising its component parts.  

We believe in providing incisive insights and challenge to a senior team, we do not beat around the bush.  Sometimes teams just get too used to each other over time, repeating patterns of behaviour and viewing problems from the same perspective.  Often a 'time out' is needed to refocus the team and to provide an impartial constructive challenge.  Not all conflict is bad, but when it is we can help.

Teams are different and applying sound psychologocal approaches allows a precise diagnosis of where the team is on their journey.  Understanding people individually and collectively, as well as the context in which they operate means suggested changes genuinely meet the challenges being faced and teams can perform with greater success and enthusiasm.  




As Business and Occupational Psychologists we take an holistic view of your organisation and your people systems.  We believe that one size does not fit all.

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Organisational Assessment Frameworks

Organisational Learning & Development

Organisational Performance Cultures & Management

Organisational Change




We understand leadership and its many challenges, especially during change; our aim is to identify, develop and support people to become better change leaders.

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Executive & Senior Leader Assessment

Senior Leader Development

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Change for Leaders



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We add a different dimension when working with Executive and High Performing Teams

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