We are experts in the use of psychometric tests in assessment and development contexts, holding the 'specialist in test use' qualification from the British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Federation Psychologists' Association (EFPA).  We see ourselves as both advocates and cynics in the use of psychometric testing, which means we are as questioning of the tests we choose to use as we are of those we choose not to use.  We see both the benefits and limitations in using psychometrics.

We are fortunate as Registered Psychologists and holding 'specialist in test use' status that we have access to a wide range of psychometric measures - and there are a lot!  We tend to use the best available in the work we do.  If we are not licenced to use your chosen psychometric we can soon get licenced due to our qualifications.

Just because a questionnaire looks good and is 'wrapped' up nicely does not mean it is good!  For our clients we offer impartial advice on what psychometrics to use, this is particularly important currently as the market is flooded with a plethora of questionnaires of varying quality.  Be inquisitive about the commercial test publisher that will claim their questionnaire is the best - if in doubt ask to see the test manual and the statistical data to support the claims they make.

What is psychological testing/psychometric testing


"Psychometrics refers to psychological measurement using tests, or the methodology that underlies these tests and their development.

Psychological testing is an assessment procedure designed to provide objective measures of one or more psychological characteristics. The important feature of psychological tests is that they produce measures obtained under standardised assessment conditions which have known reliability and validity (i.e. they provide a reliable and appropriate way of comparing a person’s performance against that of others).

Psychological tests are used in many walks of life to assess ability, personality and behaviour, for example, as part of the selection process for job interviews, or to assess children in schools or offenders in prisons.

There are two main types of psychological test – those that measure ability, aptitude or attainment and those designed to assess personal qualities such as personality, beliefs, values or interests, motivation or drive." 

(Exert from The British Psychological Society - Psychological Testing Centre).




Here are some of the psychometric questionnaires we use regularly: 




















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Psychometric Testing

Don't believe the hype - not all tests are equal!

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