Assessment: Science and Art!

The larger the organisation the more consistent assessment is likely to need to be. Equally the more senior the role the more likely you are to be looking at the capability of the person not just the competence – semantics? We think not.

Knowing what roles you need and how these fit together but not overlap is key to effective organisation performance. Being clear on what individual roles need to be able to do is crucial, but then having the right assessment tools and the right assessors is just as important.

Often teams end up together – proactively getting the right people together for the right job is a fundamental for team effectiveness.

Failed senior selection decisions are especially costly and present a significant risk to organisations. We are experts at understanding and assessing executive and senior management capability and talent.




Organisational Assessment Frameworks

We understand organisations, structures and roles.

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Leadership Team Selection

We work with senior teams to understand what they are there to do as a collective.

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Executive & Senior Leader Assessment

We know and understand senior roles and people, as well as the context they work in.

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