Organisational Change

We are particularly interested in why change is happening for your organisation: is it paradigm shift or step change, and what is driving this, external factors or internal desire?  Is your organisation open to change or an unwilling victim?  

Unfortunately, leaders new to an organisation often feel the need to create a change in order to make their mark; sometimes this is the right thing for the organisation, sometimes not.  

We love a problem to solve, but are often brought in too late. We are solution finders and look across people systems and take a 'hearts and minds' approach to organisational change.  

We want to work with you to create sustainable change for your organisation; you know your organisation, we know the science and practicalities of organisational change.


How can we help?

  • Change consultancy & people centred change

  • Culture change 

  • Problem identification

  • Intervention advice & design

  • Linking with assessment, development and performance systems




Senior Team Change

Change is difficult and threatening, and can often be divisive. 

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Change for Leaders

“I am who I am – you won’t change me now!”  People only tend to change because they either need to or want to.

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Organisational Change

You snooze, you lose.

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