About Kameleon Solutions Ltd.

We are chartered and registered Occupational Psychologists - some might call us Business Psychologists, but we don't just work in 'business'.

We focus on the assessment, development and performance of leaders and senior management teams, especially when change is involved.  This can be working with individuals, teams or at the organisational level.

We pride ourselves on providing advice that gives advice and this is based on sound research and our experience of working at senior levels in organisations of varying sizes, shapes and sectors. 

Our values centre around our relationships with our clients and achieving the balance between longevity of relationship and self-sustainability for you. We strive to create simplicity out of complexity, to help people think differently about issues and create innovative solutions that work. 

Hopefully you will find us incisive and pleasingly irreverent (as we are sure you do not want to pay for advice that just tells you what you want to hear!).

We follow and adhere to the ethical guidelines and principles of the British Psychological Society, as well as being members of various other professional bodies that guide our practice.





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About us

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