As Business and Occupational Psychologists we take an holistic view of your organisation and your people systems. We believe that one size does not fit all.

We are experts who work with senior leaders in organisations; understanding and identifying how best to respond to change, how to develop efficient organisation-wide systems and structures, and how to build cultures that are postive and facilitate growth.

The sum is greater than its parts.  To appreciate the sum you need to understand the parts and how they interact.  We work with HRDs and other executives on a people strategy that aligns and delivers the organisation's strategy and vision.

Every organisation is different, we leverage our cross-sector and cross-cultural knowledge and experience to understand a client's uniqueness and their unique challenges.

A 4 dimensional model of consulting:

We will discuss and diagnose the causes, symptoms and challenges.  We will help you decide the best course of action to meet immediate and strategic needs.  We will work with you to design an appropriate intervention and either deliver it for you or support you delivering it yourselves.

In summary we provide:

  • problem identification

  • options & solutions advice

  • intervention design & delivery

  • organisational consultancy

We also know about High Performing Teams and High Performing Individuals




We help leadership teams to establish an uncommon discipline of working effectively together, of leading change and of adapting to new challenges.

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We also work with

Leadership Team Selection

Executive/'C Suite' Team Development

Leadership Team Performance

Senior Team Change




We understand leadership and its many challenges, especially during change; our aim is to identify, develop and support people to become better change leaders.

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We also work with

Executive & Senior Leader Assessment

Senior Leader Development

Senior Leader Performance

Change for Leaders



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We help put people at the heart of the organisation

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