We understand leadership and its many challenges, especially during change; our aim is to identify, develop and support people to become better change leaders.

We are experts in leadership and its development and we apply our psychological understanding to develop people to give of their best.  Key to this is identifying how they are likely to fit into roles, teams and organisations, as well as how to maximise their performance potential.

We spend time with leaders and high-potentials, sometimes on a formal personal development agenda, sometimes working alongside them providing ongoing expertise. At other times we are a sounding board, a consigliere perhaps.  When change happens, and it will, we are often called upon to support executives and senior leaders both formally and informally.

Senior leaders are often the orchestrators of organisational success so identifying the right people, at the right point in time, and getting them to perform at their best makes financial and business sense.  




As Business and Occupational Psychologists we take an holistic view of your organisation and your people systems.  We believe that one size does not fit all.

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We also work with

Organisational Assessment Frameworks

Organisational Learning & Development

Organisational Performance Cultures & Management

Organisational Change




We help leadership teams to establish an uncommon discipline of working effectively together, of leading change and of adapting to new challenges.

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We also work with

Leadership Team Selection

Executive/'C Suite' Team Development

Leadership Team Performance

Senior Team Change



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Senior Leaders and Talent are where we add value

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