What we know is that change is now constant.  We also know that humans are not too keen on ambiguity!

Organisations, Teams and Individuals have change cycles, but rarely is this fact considered when thinking about change.

Organisational change interventions quite often focus on the more tangible aspects, such as systems and logistics, but unless you focus on the people aspects of change a significant amount of money can be wasted in the medium to longer term as old habits start creeping back in over time – the elastic band of change!

Winning hearts and minds should be central to any change intervention – a key aspect of this is engagement.  Central to engagement is the senior team's functioning and alignment.  Just because they are senior does not mean they are immune to change or the effects of it.

Change comes in many forms and can be perceived as both positive and negative, sometimes simultaneously by people - sometimes individuals need support and guidance to deal effectively with change.




Organisational Change

We are particularly interested in why change is happening for your organisation.

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Senior Team Change

Change is difficult and threatening, and can often be divisive. 

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Change for Leaders

“I am who I am – you won’t change me now!”  People only tend to change because they either need to or want to.

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