Leadership Team Selection

We work with senior teams to understand what actually they are there to do as a collective as well as individually, in the context they find themselves in. Not an obvious topic for assessment, and ‘team selection’ is probably more user-friendly. 

We often talk to our clients about ‘assessment-development’ of teams.  Whilst not important to some, we get the difference between teams, groups and collections of individuals, but often these differences are not considered.  

Putting the right people together, in the right roles for a particular need in time is a different approach from using those who are currently occupying the standard roles.  Depending where the organisation is in its change cycle will affect what types of people are required.  Sometimes only one part of the jigsaw needs changing - ensure that it is the right piece! 


How can we help?

  • Selecting a team for a specific need

  • Skills audit of team

  • Team fit analysis 

  • Team dynamics/cohesion assessment

  • Team effectiveness/performance evaluation

  • Recovery evaluation of derailed teams




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Assessment for Teams

Select for similarities or differences?

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